Drugs and Spirituality

Episode 3 of 10

What role do drugs play in a spiritual lifestyle? Are the necessary? Are they evil? Are they expensive? We will dive into this subject on this episode in a deeply personal and demonstrative way. By being open minded and accepting of our knowledge, are we nothing more than mountains without the sky above us?

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Which God Is The Right God?

Episode 2 of 10

Is Jesus Christ the right god? Is he even really a God? I’m actually asking that because I’m not totally certain. He was the son of god…but god…but a ghost or something? Unirregardless, most religions claim to worship the ‘right god.’ With so many religions out there, who is right? In this episode we will examine the conflict in beliefs and how to resolve this through peace. Also, if you aren’t able to listen to whole thing, Neighbor Bob, than know that you are a dick. I work from home and have every right to express myself during my business hours.

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How To Breathe

Episode 1 of 10

Breathing is one of the most important things you can do. Even now…you are with breathe. Unless you know how to utilize your most powerful life force, how can you expect to master an enlightened mind? It would be like trying to make a hummingbird try to roast a marshmallow in the wind.

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