The Meaning of Life


Episode 10 of 10

In the final episode of How to Be Spiritual, we have a…revealing conversation with my former mentor – Tibetan Monk, Chad Baker.

Due to the…revealing nature of this conversation, I have decided not to impart my spiritual wisdom on others. While I may return in another fashion, I feel it is not of much wisdom to claim I understand how a higher power would be so…cruel.

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How To Be Zen

The mysteries of Zen have no bounds. However, by listening to this simple podcast, you will understand it completely. You will also not understand it at all. That is why you will understand it completely…but not at all…but, yes, at the same time understanding it.

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How To Deal With Aging

Episode 8 of 10

When the leaves change color and fall to the ground, we remark at their beauty. However, when we grow old, wrinkle and look like we’re wearing an extra 10lbs of lose skin…people think it is gross. The hypocrisy is enough to make a mountain goat wear a diaper. In this episode, we will learn hour our spirituality can help us, and others, deal with our outward appearance as we age.

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How To Date

Episode 7 of 10

Many people will pretend to be spiritual because they are trying to impress the opposite sex. We see it working for Sting and we think…why not us. However, spirituality can help you understand yourself in the dating world and how to better handle the ups and downs of love.

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How To Communicate With The Dead

Episode 6 of 10

Have you ever wanted to tell someone who has passed something important? Maybe you want to tell your dead aunt that you loved her or ask your dead husband where he hid all those illicit pictures you two took together. Now, through my spiritual power, you can learn how to communicate with the dead. Make sure you are prepared to know what you will ask them though…

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How To Look Spiritual


Episode 5 of 10

Being judgmental is being mindful with non-openness. Ideally, we would see people for what they really are…but since that’s pretty hard, we need to find ways to help people understand us as the spiritual beings we really are. This means wearing the clothes, using the right words and being with the right voice to give a clear image to those around you as to your true self.

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Dealing With Everyday Stresses

Episode 4 of 10

Life is full of everyday stresses. If we don’t know how to deal with them, they will be our ruin. Through some simple breathing, perspective shifting and some spiritual tips and tricks, you can be at peace and feel wellness. Say good-bye to stress and hello to calmness with these step-by-step directions.

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